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Stories are meant to be shared.

Story is king. Commercials, short films, features, documentaries, VR or other forms of video are succeed or fail on the strength of the story. Stories have the power to astonish, enthrall, anger, scare, depress, encourage, mystify, challenge, crush, inspire and captivate.

It’s no wonder that marketers use storytelling to sell things. How do you push someone into making a sale? Make them feel something.

They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Carl W. Buehner

That is what we do here at DefineFast Media: we help people feel things through visual stories.

DefineFast Media Presents Fail the System

Fail the System is a short film about two siblings who stand up for each other against a dishonest professor and an abusive partner.

DefineFast Media Presents Your Sister Sent Me

Your Sister Sent Me is a film about a woman who missed her chance to be there for her older sister, so she sends the person who was there for her when she needed it.

DefineFast Media Presents Keep Coming Back

Keep Coming Back is a short film about a single mother who finally experiences the high costs of a life of drug abuse.

DefineFast Media Presents What We Love About Grandview

What We Love About Grandview is a short documentary featuring two Grandview residents and their positive view of their city.

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